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"What has surprised me most is HOW WELL this WORKS, and HOW tiny the habits really are.. AND I am enjoying this progress!"


"Martin, you were great and prompt, I must say it helped me to be in control of myself. I mean, in control of my day and of my life. I strongly suggest to people who want to live in a moment and to live a joyful life, to look for tiny change in their life by doing tiny habits."


"Thanks to Martin’s teachings I have created several good habits, but it took a bit time to remember what they actually were, because I do them now completely unnoticed. Therefore I think Martin is giving really good advice, because the new habits came easily without any sweat or tears."


I am a Certified Tiny Habits® Coach and I help people who want to improve themselves. I teach how to create new life changing tiny habits, so that you can improve constantly, without depending on motivation and willpower.

Martin Mark

Certified Tiny Habits® Coach, Creator of Habits Mastery