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  • we help you to scale down your big intentions to smaller easily achievable steps,
    so you will succeed for sure

  • you will learn how to create Tiny Habits® to make changes ridiculously easy
    so that you don’t need much motivation or willpower

  • you will find solutions, that are personalized according to your needs and wishes
    so that you can be flexible and make changes in a fun and stress-free way

Join us on the journey of mastering tiny habits and being a bit better every day!

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Why only a bit better?  

Following the philosophy “shoot for the stars” or “set big goals” needs a lot of effort, time, and commitment. Most of the time we don’t have what is necessary. Life gets in the way with so many different obstacles that we can’t even imagine. And once again we stop even trying to achieve or change anything. We can feel bad, unmotivated, pessimistic, frustrated.  And next time maybe we even don’t bother to try again. 

That’s why we forgot about making big changes and focused on being only a bit better! 

We believe in the “small steps” philosophy. Small steps that are so easy to take that no obstacle can stop them. Where a lot of motivation is not needed and we will succeed for sure. Where each small action brings us closer to what we want. Where we track what we do and notice what helps or what distracts us from achieving our goal.  We just create a personalized system that works for us perfectly. We see the progress. We feel good that we actually did what we planned. And this puts us in a good mood and helps us to do more! 

Good habits are our small steps

Habit is a behavior that we do automatically. A good habit is a behavior that puts things in order, saves time, makes life better and easier. There are a lot of good habits you do or can do every day. Tiny activities such as smiling, drinking water, setting your boundaries, or having time for yourself. They can make your day and those of your loved ones so much better. Consistently engaging in such activities will eventually improve your life. So why not try to add some more of them to your day? 

Creating tiny good habits is like growing grass one leaf at a time. At first, you may not notice them in your life, but once you have enough, it is nice to walk barefoot on the soft grass (enjoy the benefits of your helpful habits). 

If bringing the tiny changes into your life doesn’t require much effort, why not do it?

Testimonials for Habits Mastery courses

“I came across the course when I was feeling particularly lost in my world and wanted to gain some control. By doing the course I have found a simple method to keep my main goal and value/belief system in my consciousness.
With time, I feel that this will have more of a stabilizing effect on my life than most things I have tried.
The course is easy to learn about and implement. My coach was prompt to reply and give the right advice. I would recommend giving the course a go just to get a small habit established and build from there!”

“I enjoyed the laboratory hands-on approach of being both subject and experimenter for developing habits, in order to learn first-hand what works and what doesn’t.  What I learned during this five days was enough to set me straight on the path to mastering habits in all areas of my life.  I am happy that I now have three improved and solidly cemented habits that I will automatically perform every day, and also the knowledge of how to do reliably apply this approach to any habits I wish to acquire in the future.
Thank you, Martin, for your support during the process.  It has been enlightening.”



“Martin, you were great and prompt, I must say it helped me to be in control of myself. I mean, in control of my day and of my life. I strongly suggest to people who want to live in a moment and to live a joyful life, to look for tiny change in their life by doing tiny habits.”




“I highly recommend Tiny Habits, and Martin Mark as a coach, to anyone who wants to learn how to change or create a new habit. By working with Martin, I learned that by making a small change to how I start my day, I now have less stress and much better use of my time in the morning. I’m very pleased with my experience.”




“I think that it’s a really good approach, simple and effective. I found myself doing the things I set myself quite easily. Many thanks!”





“What has surprised me most is HOW WELL this WORKS, and HOW tiny the habits really are… AND I am enjoying this progress!”





We are Ula and Martin, together we create Habits Mastery for You. A place for people who want to change their lives for the better by introducing small but permanent changes, through tailored methods. 

We share our knowledge and experience in the areas of habits, personal development, and design thinking. We help to design and introduce changes, and thus become a bit better and achieve goals. We take great joy and pleasure from seeing our clients’ development and change in their and others’ lives for the better.

Martin is a Certified Tiny Habits® Coach and helps people who want to improve themselves. He teaches how to create new life by changing tiny habits, so that you can improve constantly, without depending on motivation and willpower.

Ula is the Training & Development Specialist. She has several years of experience in this area. She makes workshops and trainings about self-development, creativity, and design thinking. In her work, she connects culture, art, and education.


Ula Malińska