Almost everyone (I’m sure that you as well) wants to make some kind of a change:

  • eat healthier
  • exercise more
  • reduce stress
  • get better sleep
  • be a better parent and partner
  • be more productive and creative

But there seems to be a painful gap between what you want and what you actually do.

Have you attempted change in the past
and haven’t seen results?

Have you concluded that change is hard
or that you can’t succeed because you lack
willpower and motivation?

Tiny Habits® is a new way to create habits in your life. This method is a breakthrough.
You can succeed without relying on willpower or motivation.

It is a method developed by Dr. BJ Fogg, Behaviour Scientist at Stanford University, based on his decades long research.
It is built on science and really can help you to create new habits in 5 days.

What will you get and how does it work?

The challenge starts on Thursday. On that day you will get online access to simple instructions from the methods’ creator Dr. BJ Fogg. You will have 4 days to study the materials and choose 3 tiny behaviours that you start creating as your habits from Monday. It takes less than 30 min.

After you choose the 3 new behaviours and send them, you will get personal feedback from me. If needed I will help you to revise the habits, to write them down exactly how the method requires and I will explain you everything you need to understand about the basis of the Tiny Habits.

Every day in the next week you will receive an email with some extra content that helps you to create the habits more easily. From Monday to Friday you will practice your new habits and respond to daily emails.
I will answer your questions and make sure that you will succeed.

During this week you will have a one-hour personal coaching session with me. You can choose the time that fits you the best. This way you can be sure that all your questions will be answered and you will really understand how to create new useful habits using the Tiny Habits method.

You will receive free bonuses to help you: Weekly habits tracker | List of celebration ideas | List of Tiny Habits ideas

It is important that you participate fully to have success!

The Tiny Habits® challenge is designed and developed by Dr. BJ Fogg and moderated by me, a Certified Tiny Habits® Coach. It is partially automated. Some information and responses will be sent automatically. Although, I will keep an eye on all of emails that you sent, I will answer all your questions and give you feedback personally.
And as a great bonus, you will have a personal one-hour coaching session with me!

Choose to start the challenge when you really have time to study the Tiny Habits Method and also to practice every day.
Don’t join the course on the week when you are not in your regular routine (while travelling, sick etc).

Who is it for?

This challenge is for you if you

  • want to learn how to create new habits in a fast, easy and fun way
  • don’t want to rely on willpower
  • want to learn how to redesign your life

It is for you if you are willing to invest only a few minutes per day practicing,
reading some new information and giving a three letter feedback. So easy, isn’t it? 🙂

Probably you have heard that creating a new habit can take 21, 30 or 60 days or that you can create only one habit at a time.
This is not true when you use Tiny Habits®
Trust this method and follow the simple rules that it requires and you will learn an incredibly useful skill for life.

Who am I?


I am a Certified Tiny Habits® Coach from Estonia. I am trained to teach this method personally by BJ Fogg.

I help people who want to improve themselves. I teach how to create new life changing tiny habits, so that you can improve constantly, without depending on motivation and willpower.


Martin Mark
Certified Tiny Habits® Coach, Creator of Habits Mastery

“As a mother of two kids I have very little time for myself. Thanks to the help of Martin I set some realistic goals and I finally managed to do small things just for me.? I highly recommend this training to people who are busy, but want to improve their lifestyle.”

Monika Piewcewicz

“Martin was a wonderful habits coach. He was consistently supportive and provided tips and encouragement. The support was important to keep me continuing in the project.”

Leah Arrell

“I recommend Martin as a great Tiny Habits coach. He was supportive and his correspondence enhanced my ability to not only do my Tiny Habits but also my understanding of how to make adjustments. ”

Rick Miller

“Thank you for your support, Martin. I found the daily check-in emails really useful for keeping me on track with my tiny habits. With Martin’s help, I have set up some good habits which will serve me long term.”

Skye Bennett

“I highly recommend Tiny Habits, and Martin Mark as a coach, to anyone who wants to learn how to change or create a new habit. By working with Martin, I learned that by making a small change to how I start my day, I now have less stress and much better use of my time in the morning. I’m very pleased with my experience.”

Peggy O'Connor

“Martin, you were great and prompt, I must say it helped me to be in control of myself. I mean, in control of my day and of my life. I strongly suggest to people who want to live in a moment and to live a joyful life, to look for tiny change in their life by doing tiny habits.”

Makbul Patel

“I came across the course when I was feeling particularly lost in my world and wanted to gain some control. By doing the course I have found a simple method to keep my main goal and value/belief system in my consciousness.
With time, I feel that this will have more of a stabilizing effect on my life than most things I have tried.
The course is easy to learn about and implement. My coach was prompt to reply and give the right advice. I would recommend giving the course a go just to get a small habit established and build from there!”

Mustafa Ganijee

“I think that it’s a really good approach, simple and effective. I found myself doing the things I set myself quite easily. Many thanks!”

Alan Chatting

“What has surprised me most is HOW WELL this WORKS, and HOW tiny the habits really are… AND I am enjoying this progress!”

Ingibjorg R Thengilsdottir
“I enjoyed the laboratory hands-on approach of being both subject and experimenter for developing habits, in order to learn first-hand what works and what doesn’t.  What I learned during this five days was enough to set me straight on the path to mastering habits in all areas of my life.  I am happy that I now have three improved and solidly cemented habits that I will automatically perform every day, and also the knowledge of how to do reliably apply this approach to any habits I wish to acquire in the future.
Thank you, Martin, for your support during the process.  It has been enlightening.”
Tom Schroeder

How much does this challenge cost?

Online study materials created by the methods’ author
Extra information and personal feedback every day for a week
Hands-on practicing with daily support
All your questions about creating Tiny Habits answered
One hour personal coaching by a Certified Tiny Habits coach

All this for only 50 €

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