Are you struggling with procrastination?

Whether it is a small problem that is just making you less productive or a big issue that is keeping you from achieving your goals, it is still annoying and making your life more complicated.

Are you struggling with procrastination?

Is any of this familiar to you?

  • You start working, but you get distracted.
  • Everybody else wants something from you or you find yourself scrolling social media
  • Sometimes there is just so much to do that you feel overwhelmed
    and you don’t know where to start from.
  • Every now and then you have some big goals that are not clear enough
    or the tasks are just unpleasant and you have no motivation to do them
  • Occasionally you are hit with perfectionism or fear of failure
  • Eventually you just feel lack of energy and self-control

Whatever it is, I get it. I have been there. 

You don’t have to feel stressed, be less productive and lack time for your loved ones because of procrastination.
There is a way to kick this habit.

I have a solution for you

My name is Martin Mark and I am a habits coach. I have struggled with procrastination a lot, but thanks to my knowledge about habit creation, I found ways to finally settle this issue for myself and for others.

The key to solving procrastination is in habits. We have to get rid of the bad habits and create good habits to get things done.

As a habits coach I can assure you that working on your habits is easier than you think and using the right methods you can start making small changes in just days.

I have found a simple 5 steps system that can help you to finally kick the procrastination habit – step by step.

Martin Mark Certified Tiny Habits Coach

It is a hands-on email coaching program designed personally for you.
It comes with my daily support to speed up your success without making unnecessary mistakes.

What will you get and how does it work?

The program starts with a coaching call to figure out your situation: to find the reasons you procrastinate and to choose the strategies that work for you. Together we will design your personal habits that help you to start tackling procrastination immediately.

Over the next week when you implement the changes we will be in touch daily by email. This will keep you accountable and you have immediate access to my help. The more active you are, the better results you will get!


After the first week we will have the next coaching call to conclude what was working, what was not working and we upgrade the plan with the information you collected. We will take the next steps to master your anti-procrastination habits.

In the second week you will keep applying your new useful habits and you will see the results coming in. You will again have my daily support.


We finish the program with another coaching call to make sure the plan we designed for you is really working. We design the next steps that you can take on your own. This way we will make sure that procrastination will not be an issue for you in the future. You will have strategies, habits and the knowledge to kick the procrastination habit for good.

You don’t have to work on your own and worry that you will procrastinate on taking action.

You will have my full support and attention for two weeks. Use it! 🙂

5 Steps to Kick the Procrastination Habit Workbook
The coaching program comes with:

  • a workbook,
  • three coaching calls
  • and daily email support.

And that’s not all!

As a free bonus you will get access to
the Tiny Habits® Course for two weeks (value 100 €)

Who is the coach?

Martin Mark
Certified Tiny Habits® Coach, Creator of Habits Mastery

I have been studying behavior and habit creation since 2014 when I started to learn from BJ Fogg, the creator of Tiny Habits. I have led numerous habits workshops for different target groups from children to companies.

I believe that habits are the foundation of our life and by taking control of them we can constantly improve ourselves.

Sounds good?

Your investment in yourself for becoming less stressed, more productive and finding more time for your loved ones will be only 200 €!

The price includes:
three 1:1 coaching sessions
daily email support

and as a bonus:
The Tiny Habits Course for 2 weeks (value 100 €)

Let's do it!