Why should you be only a bit better?

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“Go big or go home!” “Shoot for the stars!” “Set big goals!” This is what you hear so often and this is what you want of course as well: to achieve big things, make big changes, and to have it now. 

However, it is very difficult to do so. It needs a lot of effort, time, commitment, and so on, but most of the time you don’t have what is necessary. Life gets in the way with so many different obstacles that you can’t even imagine. And once again you stop even trying to achieve or change anything. You feel bad, unmotivated, pessimistic, frustrated.  And next time maybe you even don’t bother to try to do it again. 

What if you would forget making big changes and focus on being only a bit better? To take small steps that are so easy that no obstacle can stop them. This way you don’t need a lot of motivation and you will succeed for sure. You will feel good that you actually did what you planned. This will put you in a good mood and will help you to do more.

Sounds ridiculous? Strange? Yes!  It is not so easy for us to think small and to make tiny changes. Usually, when we feel that we want to change something, we are already in a place when we need bigger shifts. We want the results immediately and small changes seem pointless to us. Now or never! All or nothing! 

But think in the long run. What is better:

  1. to do small things and move slowly but steadily towards the goal while feeling good about our achievements or 
  2. to try to do big things that are too hard, fail doing them, feel bad because of this and give up?

I challenge you to start thinking small! A lot smaller than you have done so far. The actions that you think are small, could actually be a lot tinier. 

“I should stop using social media. I will uninstall Facebook and never use it again.” No, it’s too much. After a couple of days, you will reinstall it and nothing changes. Why not make a small change and in the evening put the phone to charge in another room instead of next to your bed? You’ll limit your evening and morning scrolling. That’s a bit better 🙂

“I should go on a diet and lose 10 kg in 2 months. So I’ll be going to the gym 5 times a week.” This is a crazy big challenge and failing is more than likely.  Why not drink one glass of water every morning and put a water glass on your work desk instead? Why not do three push-ups after waking up? These actions may seem pointless, but think for a moment… Aren’t they better than stopping visiting the gym after 2 weeks and then doing nothing at all? 

These are just a couple of small examples that I have included in my life and I can tell you: I’m happy about them! I feel that they help and make me a bit better. At first glance, they may seem like nothing but if you constantly add new small useful behaviours into your life they will add up and will improve your life so that you even don’t notice! 

New Year has started. Maybe you follow your resolutions, maybe you already gave up. It doesn’t matter! Take this challenge and try small steps to implement the change that you want! 

So – do you know already, what is one small action that you could add to your life to be a bit better?


Join us on the journey of mastering tiny habits and being a bit better every day!

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